The Unforgiving Minutes by Mary Monica Pulver available as ebook

Unforgiving Minutes cover

Unforgiving Minutes cover

FTL Publications is pleased to announce the publication of the mystery novel, The Unforgiving Minutes by Mary Monica Pulver, in ebook format on Kindle and Smashwords.

The Unforgiving Minutes on Smashwords
on Kindle

Police officer Otto Peter Brichter is an outstanding detective, though socially awkward. An investigation of a local crime ring brings him to Tretower Ranch, where he meets Nick Tellios and his niece, Katherine McLeod Price. Kori, as she is called, is a young reclusive woman whose primary interest is in the horses on the ranch. Brichter falls head over heels in love with her, but the trauma of her parents’ murder as a young child still haunts her and makes her distant. As Brichter’s investigation continues, he finds that Tellios is linked to the local organized crime syndicate, and that Tellios is exploiting Kori and keeping her a virtual prisoner. When Kori is kidnapped, the evidence increasingly points to Tellios being behind it. Brichter finds that this is just the beginning of a mystery with far-reaching implications, some of which go back to the unsolved killing of Kori’s parents.

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