The Society of Guenevere by Deborah K. Vleck

A twisted cabal with the power to destroy a person’s mind. A gifted intellectual who isn’t part of the club. When their
destinies clash, can she retain her sanity?

Kerri Dale-Townsend is determined to carry on family tradition. But though she is a proud member of the Academic caste, the ambitious twenty-something knows her lack of a Sponsor will make obtaining her graduate degree nearly impossible. And when her books and papers go missing, appointments with advisors are changed without notice, and her home is invaded, she realizes she’s the target of a dark, covert academic society.

Able to sense supernatural forces bending reality around her, Kerri tries to protect herself by veiling her thoughts with a mental barrier. Yet as snubs, sabotage, and strange maladies multiply, the focused young woman never knows whether her first misstep will be her last.

Can she expose the evil core of the university without making a fatal mistake?

The Society of Guenevere is a dark academia fantasy. If you appreciate smart women, mysterious worlds, and fascinatingly layered twists, then you’ll love Deborah K. Vleck’s tale celebrating calligraphy, propriety, and ingenuity.

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