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Latest titles by Joan Marie Verba

Modern Surprises was no ordinary company: the science division had secretly developed a portal that would take them anywhere. The plan was to use the portal to help those in need. However, a billionaire industrialist found out about the portal, and would lie, cheat, and steal to get it. But the Modern Surprises team was not about to let him have it.

Do you like dragons? Follow the adventures of Wondry Dragon as she finds a new home with her new human friend, Rhea. Rhea and her mom and dad have never had a dragon in the house before, and they all learn what Wondry can and cannot do. Rhea and Wondry play together, help out their neighbors…and try to stay out of trouble. Rhea can never tell what Wondry will do next…Wondry is always surprising her with what dragons can do. Wondry will surprise you, too!

A children’s chapter book story for ages 6-8 (grades 1-3).

Bradamant’s Quest by Ruth Berman first place in Midwest Book Awards

FTL Publications is delighted to announce that on May 9, 2012, Ruth Berman was awarded first place in the Midwest Book Awards for Bradamant’s Quest, her fantasy novel set at the time of Charlemagne. For more information about Bradamant’s Quest, go to

Ruth Berman with award

Ruth Berman with award


MIPA Award for Ruth

MIPA Award for Ruth

Midwest Book Review of Bradamant’s Quest

Midwest Book Review
January 2012 Small Press Bookwatch

Bradamant’s Quest
Ruth Berman
FTL Publications
PO Box 1363, Minnetonka, MN 55345-0363
9781936881024, $15.95,>

“Bradamant’s Quest” is a youthful fantasy from Ruth Berman who
presents a story of Bradamant, who is charged in recovering her
family’s magical talismans after Charlemagne’s wars are over. But
faced with the forces of magic . . . Bradamant’s task is
anything but easily done. “Bradamant’s Quest” is an excellent pick
that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Bradamant’s Quest by Ruth Berman published

FTL Publications is pleased to announce the publication of Bradamant’s Quest by Ruth Berman, a fantasy novel which takes place at the time of Charlemagne. 

Bradamant's Quest front cover

Bradamant’s Quest front cover

It sounded like such a straightforward quest when Oberon proposed it—just gather up the magical talismans the fairies had given her family and give them back, now that King Charlemagne’s war with Spain was over. But when Bradamant took on the quest, she didn’t know that her brother would think it was trafficking with devils. Her cousins the magicians didn’t want to give up their carefully indexed books of magic (much less the hippogriff—a useful steed and a loyal companion). Her sister-in-law was willing to give up the spear of Galafrone, but not until she’d finished using it. And her cousin Roland seemed to be haunting his grave, where his magically enduring sword was buried with him, and dead set against being disturbed. What’s a warrior to do when valor alone is not enough for her to complete a quest?

Available from Amazon.comAmazon Kindle, and FTL Publications.

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Another Award for an FTL Publications Title

Cat’s Paw by L.A. Taylor is a Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards

FTL Publications is delighted to announce that Cat’s Paw, a fantasy and mystery novel written by L. A. Taylor, is a finalist in the 2008 National Indie Excellence Awards. This novel, originally published in 1995 and reprinted by FTL Publications in 2007, features a cover by noted fantasy artist Alicia Austin.

In Cat’s Paw, Miranda Glivven’s husband sets out on a secret assignment for the government. When he does not return, Miranda goes in search of him, starting out at his last known location.  Combining elements of fantasy and mystery, the novel details Miranda’s painstaking search, in which she, out of necessity, becomes an investigator. The fantasy setting reminds the reader of the Victorian age, where trains are the main vehicles for long-distance transportation.

Cat’s Paw is another award-winning release from FTL Publications, a publisher of genre titles based in Minnetonka, Minnesota.  Previous award-winning titles have included Murder at the War and The Wrong World.

Set in a world where magic is officially denied, even while it is consistently rumored to exist, Cat’s Paw is an entertaining and compellingly written novel that deftly combines mystery with fantasy. Author L. A. Taylor (she passed away from cancer in 1996) is revealed as a master storyteller of immense and imaginative talent.”
—Midwest Book Review

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