Another Award for an FTL Publications Title

Cat’s Paw by L.A. Taylor is a Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards

FTL Publications is delighted to announce that Cat’s Paw, a fantasy and mystery novel written by L. A. Taylor, is a finalist in the 2008 National Indie Excellence Awards. This novel, originally published in 1995 and reprinted by FTL Publications in 2007, features a cover by noted fantasy artist Alicia Austin.

In Cat’s Paw, Miranda Glivven’s husband sets out on a secret assignment for the government. When he does not return, Miranda goes in search of him, starting out at his last known location.  Combining elements of fantasy and mystery, the novel details Miranda’s painstaking search, in which she, out of necessity, becomes an investigator. The fantasy setting reminds the reader of the Victorian age, where trains are the main vehicles for long-distance transportation.

Cat’s Paw is another award-winning release from FTL Publications, a publisher of genre titles based in Minnetonka, Minnesota.  Previous award-winning titles have included Murder at the War and The Wrong World.

Set in a world where magic is officially denied, even while it is consistently rumored to exist, Cat’s Paw is an entertaining and compellingly written novel that deftly combines mystery with fantasy. Author L. A. Taylor (she passed away from cancer in 1996) is revealed as a master storyteller of immense and imaginative talent.”
—Midwest Book Review

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